Friday, October 12, 2007


I just read a blog of a long friend of mine, who is currently in Sorong, Papua, eastern part of Indonesia. She has been there for more than 1 month, and supposes to be there for 6 months.
She is in her personal humanity mission, volunteered and self funded her self, though she is there by hitching a catholic missionary group and involved in their activities. From what I know of her in our almost 20 years of friendship, she is not a catholic.

What tickles me to share is her response to a comment in her blog, which I could quote by simply copy and paste:
so, lian, do you believe in god? :)
and btw, what is your religion? :)

and her response:
wan ... define god to me, i'll tell you whether i believe in it or not ;-))))
religion? ... hm ... not sure if i have one according to the generally accepted definitions ...

“Is there any definition of God?”
“Is there any definition of each religion?”

I could not say my self as a religious person, though I believe in God, pray at least before taking any meals and teach my daughter to pray. But faith (I like to use this phrase better) for me is not something to question or anyone to question.
It is an individual private relationship vertically and to whom an individual communicates to what he/she believes.

Back to my friend, she is or was a capitalist, she was working for a securities company, saving enough to have early retirement (she retired in her mid 30ies, always seeing thing from what benefits her.
Is she now in her venture to find the answer of the above questions?I love to listen to her view after getting back in another 5 months.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kiroro - Mirai E

For some people in particular Japanese or people who stay in Japan, they might be very familiar with this song. A friend of mine in Tokyo keep on playing this song on his note book that I become ‘brain washed’ by this song.

I didn’t realize it until one day on my way back to my hotel from the office, I was humming this song and I knew I love this song...
I don’t know what the meaning of the song as I don't speak Japanese, so if anyone could share with me what the song is all about, I will be very grateful.
In the meantime, let’s sing a long and enjoy the clip…

*Hora ashimoto wo mite goran
Kore ga anata no ayumu michi
Hora mae wo mite goran
Are ga anata no mirai

Haha ga kureta takusan no yasashisa
Ai wo idaite ayumeto kurikaeshita
Ano toki wa mada osanakute imi nado shiranai
Sonna watashi no te wo nigiri
Issho ni ayundekita

Yume wa itsumo sora takaku aru kara
Todokanakute kowai ne dakedo oitsuzukeruno
Jibun no SUTOORII dakara koso akirametakunai
Fuan ni naruto te wo nigiri Isshoni ayundekita

** sono yasashi wo toki ni wa iyagari
Hanareta haha e sunao ni narezu
* repeat
** repeat
* repeat

Hora ashimoto wo mite goran
Kore ga anata no ayumu michi
Hora mae wo mitegoran
Are ga anata no mirai

Mirai e mukatte yukkuri to aruite yukou

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cross road

What are you thinking when you reach a cross road? Each one will take you to a completely different destination…
It is very simple when you have a clear direction where to go to…but
What if you are not sure? Just like life…the jungle of uncertainty…

I thought it was an easy decision. I was offered a position in an industry that comes first in my industry preference list. It was followed with a substantial raise as well to my paycheck. It promises a “bullet speed” future career prospect, friendly information from an old friend of mine who has left the company after a handsome leave package following a merger a few years back.The funny thing is my company just has the same merger experience not a while ago…
Yeaah…there is also some setback such as a ridiculous bureaucracy culture, another friendly information as well, different role and job description, bigger organization, and new colleagues and boss to deal with etc…

Actually, I have made a firm decision to move out by signing the offering letter about a month ago. My plan is to finish my project in Japan since a couple months ago and move in to the new Company next month. Business trip to Japan is more like a personal obligation to my old boss, as I see him more like a respected friend than a boss, who happened being assigned to Japan early this year. It is my plan to bring the news just a few days before the minimum notice period; because I anticipate that the company will not let me go easily.
I brought the news first to my boss in Japan, who throws the question “What if the company matches the offer?”
Then the next day, my regional boss in Singapore called, saying “This is only a one minute conversation, I want you to take back your resignation letter!”
Wow, rude…if I may say. But, I stay calm saying “a lot of considerations have been made before making this decision”. He still does not make it easier for me, following his words…
“I want you to call me back on Monday with what I want to still stay with the Company.”
I said to my self “What the heck, it will not kill you spending some thought on this” and replied “Ok, I will call you back on Monday.”
I always said to both of them that it is more on the pull factor than push factor, though I am not very honest on that. Indeed there is a small push factor but I just don’t want to share it.

I tried to make some discussion with friends of mine. One came up with a statement saying that “You are only assuming and should to give the company a chance. The new Company maybe is not as you think they are”
Is it? Am I assuming?
Maybe, but the assumption was made based on variables that really occurred.
Uncertainties in the new Company?
Indeed, but where do you find any certainties in this world? Beside, this is not the first experience for me, been done this before.
Another one coming with “Your main interest in the first place with the current Company is overseas assignment, rite? You are very close to it. Just ask the best scenario that you could think of.”
Indeed, I heard that the Company is cooking something for my overseas assignment. But, it is not something new, it is already since early this year.
Damn…It is so close yet it is so far. I have to live with that. My current personal situation is not really in favor of taking any long term overseas assignment.
So it leaves me only with the option of the Company to beat the offer. But, I prefer proactive than reactive action from the Company. Beside, I could not help dragging my self with that burden, if the Company agrees with my condition. The Company should see it as I deserve it but not by asking.
The last one is actually come up with the strongest effect. This one was my colleague in my current Company. Yes, he was my colleague until last week being forced to tender his resignation. When I heard the news, I said “What?” and can’t get this out of my mind all day.
I know him very well professionally as well as personally. He was rated “Highly talented people” for the past 3 years and I know he made no wrongdoing. The official reason is “Doesn’t fit with the Company anymore.”
Wow, I got that rating also but look like it is not enough from the Company point of view. What is the point of such performance review, then?

So, here I am, reaching a crossroad. There is no map in this kind of intersection that tells you where to go. But, at least I am confident to take one direction and no look back!Attaboy…, just pick up the phone on Monday and make the call.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Papa misses you...

Yesterday was a really long nite for me...
he..he.. I wish it was a long nite with friends in Muse, a club that my friend usually ask me to go to on friday nite during my visit in Tokyo...
But, this time its different..
It was already 3 o'clock in the morning, I was lying down on my bed..watching TV without knowing what they were talking intention to watch it, but I leave it on anyway...
while my mind's wandering thousands of miles away..back home..trying to picture my daughter's cute face...her smile
how are you doin' baby?
Papa misses you so much...sleep well my love..

My eyes' getting wet...
Damn... I feel like a girl and...
I change the channel trying to find sports and it is such a conspiracy...
It was...I dunno..It was Michale Buble, singing "Home"....
Gosh...I wanna go home..